Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jupiter and the Autumn 2011 Dual-Shadow Transits

Report covering each transit (October 24 & 31 2011) that occurred in the Autumn of 2011. Below is the abstract or more appropriately the introduction. Come to this link to download!!

Presumably a few of the most acclaimed and magnificent extra-planetary phenomena noted yet, Jovian dual-transits are the treat that every amateur and professional astronomer enjoys to observe, because of the sheer elegance of a dance of two moons across the luminous surface of their beloved parent: Jupiter. After the multitude of dual-transits that occurred over May and June of 2011, the next transits observed were rather special and oblique compared to those in May and June. Io and Ganymede did their share in both events—each separated a week apart, therefore falling on October 24, 2011 and October 31, 2011. Callisto transited only once this year, in January with Europa, which mainly transited in May and June. Yet, we had been granted again with more morsels—perfectly falling around Jupiter’s opposition, which in turn has given us two extraordinary events. Although Callisto and Europa have done their share earlier this year, Io and Ganymede wrapped up the year in two amazingly cultured shows, and the results were prolific. Jupiter and its moons are such treasures!

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Credit: NASA